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Fed's Plan To Raise Some Cash Not A Good One.


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Press Release from Sierra Club


Region 3


Rita Blanca NG Tract 50 - Dallam County 160

Rita Blanca NG Tract 64 - Dallam County 160

Rita Blanca NG Tract 96 - Dallam County 80

Region 8

Angelina A-1h Angelina 199.46

Angelina A-2Ac San Augustine 21.38

Angelina A-2L San Augustine 58.03

Angelina A-2m San Augustine 86.71

Angelina A-604 San Augustine 87.94

Caddo-LBJ NG C-20b Fannin 14.59

Caddo-LBJ NG C-237 Fannin 3.14

Caddo-LBJ NG C-277b Fannin 76.32

Caddo-LBJ NG C-519f Fannin 22.15

Caddo-LBJ NG C-572-I Fannin 9.06

Caddo-LBJ NG C-1237 Wise 138.63

Caddo-LBJ NG C-239 Wise 92.02

Caddo-LBJ NG C-51 Wise 72.50

Davy Crockett K-1f Houston 53.84

Davy Crockett K-1j-I Houston 83.99

Davy Crockett K-35 Houston 24.55

Davy Crockett K-67 Houston 77.65

Davy Crockett K-10h Trinity 144.66

Davy Crockett K-2p Trinity 56.91

Davy Crockett K-2q Trinity 266.37

Davy Crockett K-2s Trinity 100.36

Sabine S-13j Sabine 39.66

Sabine S-1Ar Sabine 301.34

Sabine S-1t Sabine 0.36

Sabine S-2Ag Sabine 99.59

Sabine S-2Ai Sabine 252.81

Sabine S-2o Sabine 113.24

Sabine S-1Bc San Augustine 10.35

Sabine S-1Be San Augustine 116.76

Sabine S-18m Shelby 56.67

Sabine S-1Ae Shelby 75.15

Sabine S-1Aj Shelby 76.17

Sabine S-1Bc Shelby 164.36

Sabine S-1Be Shelby 70.18

Sabine S-1BL Shelby 127.53

Sabine S-1e Shelby 123.35

Sabine S-8 Shelby 95.41

Sabine S-2Aj Sabine 97.59

Sabine S-1Aw Sabine 88.45

Sabine S-1Bi Shelby 201.12

Sabine S-1w Shelby 177.63

Sabine S-1x Shelby 121.70

Sam Houston J-35a Montgomery 62.25

Sam Houston J-35a San Jacinto 43.66

Sam Houston J-87b San Jacinto 81.96

Sam Houston J-8a San Jacinto 51.23

Sam Houston J-12n Walker 74.00


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Fine by me.

As long as the feds give states and localities first and second rights of refusal, why should Federal dollars be tied up in land ownership that benefits only local residents? I mean, it doesn't seem like these lands are frequently visited by a lot of people from out of state, unlike justifiably federal lands like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, etc. So pass responsibility to the people who use them...if not, then at least get them back on the tax rolls.

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