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San Jacinto Park On Interstate-45


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Okay HAIF,

I have a history question for you.

I was researching the 1900s city park called Highland Park, which was located underneath the present-day Interstate 45 (Gulf Freeway). The Woodland Park could be used as a present-day location marker for research. Woodland Park is located at 212 Parkview Street.

I read this on another website: 

In November 1905, Houston Electric Company sued Highland Park manager Fred Bishop for past-due rental payments, plus $30,000 in damages for violation of the parties’ lease agreement. The alleged violation was supposedly Bishop’s “admission of improper characters to the park.” M.C. Michael took over the lease in 1906.

The park continued to operate as Highland Park until no later than June 1908, when it was reopened as “San Jacinto Park” under the auspices of the Houston Civic Club. The new name was confusing because there was already a park at the San Jacinto battleground, and it does not appear to have gained acceptance.

So my question is: Is that accurate? Are there any news articles, postcards, images, documents, etc. that show the name change from Highland Park to San Jacinto Park?

I know HAIF is your one-stop-shop for all things Houston.  I know you guys should have more information. 



The Houston Post dated July 2, 1908

San Jacinto Park
San Jacinto Park Stock Co.
"The Man from Maine"
Prices 10c and 20c. Curtain 8:15
Take Woodland Car
Fireworks July 4th.


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