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Buccaneer Hotel At 2228 Seawall Blvd.


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There are several older buildings that sit right on the seawall sidewalk, in fact the old Seaview Restaurant (I think it's Fish Tales now) on the corner of 25th and Seawall is one of these. The recently demolished "Buccaneer Hotel" sat completley on the sidewalk with part of the building being built on top of the right of way. Pedestrians actually walked under it.

As you go further out Seawall Blvd. the right of way is wider and the building set back is strickly enforced. I remember when the WalMart was being planned at 69th St. , the owner's tryed to coerce the county into releasing the 100' strip of land the runs along the inland side of the roadway. The county balked, of course, and said that Walmart could make a reasonable offer to buy the land like every body else does. WalMart thought they should be considered differently and made a ridicoulously low offer, saying that the parcel was too narrow for any type of development without their adjoining property. The county commissioners told WalMart they had 48 hours to come up with a beleivable offer or they would find another buyer. WalMart stalled, thinking there would be no other buyers. You see now that this land is built out and the county made a wise choice, and the city still got to enfoce the building setbacks.

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