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BraeBurn Country Club At 8101 Bissonnet St.

Sharpstown Bill

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The Red Barn golf course was on the Southwest Freeway just south of Bissonnet. I'm nearly certain it was a 9-hole with par threes only (I never played there).

It became a Metro Park and Ride lot. The golf course closure and paving must have been in the 1980s.

In the 1990s there was a golf course on the west corner of the Southwest Freeway and Highway 6 in Sugar Land/First Colony. It was specifically designated as an interim land use, and was urbanized when the market was right for office buildings. I don't remember the name.

Houston Hills golf course was just east of the intersection of the Southwest Freeway and BW 8. Some of all of it was built on the former landfill for the city of Bellaire. It was a very inexpensive course to play, and you received what you paid for. Actually, about 12 of the holes were decent quality. It was a good starter golf course.

The Red Barn was indeed a Par 3 9 hole course--although I'm thinking it probably didn't make it out of the '70's the way development hit in that area. One that didn't make out of the '60's was the BraeBurn Driving range on the NE corner of Bissonet & Fondren--The B&B Sandwich Shoppe was in front of it. Anyone else remember it?

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