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San Jacinto Hotel At 720 Fannin St.


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That's good news. Here are a couple of short newspaper pieces about the hotel (which was originally called the San Jacinto Hotel - some of this information has appeared elsewhere on the forum):

Houston. Tex., Jan. 16 [1929]. - The Jesse H. Jones Interests today acquired a ninety-nine-year lease on the San Jacinto Hotel property, exercising an option which was taken recently. The sixteen‑story structure, which practically is complete except for the interior work, is to be finished at once and the hotel probably will be in operation early in the summer. It will be the fourth hostelry operated here by the Jesse H. Jones Interests, the others being the Rice Hotel, the Lamar Hotel, and the Lamar Annex. The San Jacinto will have 381 rooms, and the ground floor space will be leased to business establishments. In acquiring the San Jacinto property, the Jesse H. Jones Interests acquired $700,000 in first mortgage bonds, $90,000 In second mortgage bonds, and approximately $600,000 in bonds held by contractors and others. The hotel building was started about three years ago, but the investment concern which was buying the bonds got into difficulties and work was suspended, with the building nearing completion.

Houston, Tex. Aug. 9 [1932]. - Permission to consolidate has been received from Washington by two of Houston's radio stations, KXYZ and KTLC. The equipment of the two stations will be combined and the power rating increased from 100 watts to 250 watts. The consolidated station will be known as KXYZ and will use the same transmitting tower on top of the Gulf building; and the same studio in the Texas State Hotel as formerly. The KTLC station will cease to exist after the changes have been made, which will require about 60 days, it was said. KTLC uses the old Post building at Travis and Texas for its studio and transmits from the towers at the Houston Post plant on Polk avenue.

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