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Cyandy Stables At 9714 Riceville School Rd.


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Joan Olive Robinson Hill. Her unexplained death at age 38 led to her husband, John Hill.

If I'm reading the edge that got cut off here correctly, Ash Robinson's house was at 1029 Kirby. I've admired that distinctive, low-slung mod for years, but I never knew he'd lived there. HCAD says it was built in 1960 and remodeled in 2000 - anyone know if the remodeling substantially changed its appearance, or does it still look the way it did in the 60s?

1029 Kirby is correct, but I have no memory of the house from the 60s. They mention that Joan operated Chastworth Farm on Riceville Road. Riceville Road became S. Gessner. I don't know what year the name changed. The Chatsworth Farm became Cyandy Stables. I think part of that land is still vacant, but probably not for long.

Edit:  October 23, 1968

Chatsworth Riding School

Chatsworth Farms, Inc.

Joan R. Hill, owner


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