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Troubador Club On At 9530 South Main St.


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I've been reading HAIF lately and noticed a few posters have pointed out a club in the 1960's called Troubadour Club. Owned and managed by Buster Dees and located on South Main Street.  Perhaps the correct business name is Buster Dees Troubadour Club? Or even The Troubadour Club?

I've been trying to locate more information about the club. It turns out Buster Dees is a native of Ennis, Texas and moved to Houston.  According to a 1955 The Ennis Weekly, Buster Dees had a club called The Lounge. I'm not sure if The Lounge was located in Houston, and somehow mistaken for Troubadour Club. Possibly he had two clubs in Houston? Or was The Lounge located in his hometown of Ennis, TX?

Does anyone recall this old night club? I'm looking into the history of the place.  Any memories or stories? What about pictures? Any old pictures or postcards around?

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