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Hart Galleries At 6612 South Main St.


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Hart Galleries is in the old United store. It was like Best. Hillcroft becomes Voss North of Westheimer. 2301 Voss Road. Just discovered Hart was at 6612 Main Street, then on Westheimer east of Kirby, and now on Voss. Hart also purchased the former Best on Fondren for an antique mall.

Then we had Houston Jewelery and Distributing...(and a whole lot more- remember the song?) that was a bit nicer. Service Merchandise was about the same too. They were called Wilson's before Service took over.

W. Bell & Company was another of the catalog jewelery and appliance stores. There was one located on Richmond Avenue, west of Chimney Rock in the big box where the fitness club is now located. There were really a lot of these type of stores and they are all gone now. I suppose Best Buy, Walmart and Target type stores have taken their business.

Only the Almeda Mall Best was unique here. Sad to loose another Houston landmark. People do not realize what they have. Everything is becoming generic. Nobody will take a chance today.

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