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Rosenberg - Seabourne Creek Park Nature Center


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A nature center has been proposed for Seabourne Creek Park. It would be located just east of the entrance off Highway 36 and immediately west of the small lake there.


From the city's website...


On January 5, 2021, City Council authorized Parkland Dedication funds to be utilized for the design of the Seabourne Creek Park Nature Center.  Burditt Consultants, LLC was selected for the provision of Professional Architectural Services related to the architectural and engineering design of the Nature Center.  The design has since been completed and related renderings are included for review.  When completed, it would be a 4,560 square foot enclosed facility with 4,040 square feet of covered outdoor spaces.  Per the attachment, the spaces included are an Interactive Education Space, Multipurpose Room, and Pavilion as well as Staff and Volunteer spaces.  The building sits within Seabourne Creek Park, 15 acres of which are developed around the Nature Center.  The project is included in the 2019 approved Parks Master Plan and has been in the planning stages since 2016, when a conceptual plan was approved. Pending funding, the Construction Phase is currently on the FY2025 CIP list.


Project brochure w/ renderings: https://rosenbergtx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3849/Nature-Center-Renderings-72022?bidId=



Video from Burditt


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