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Dollar Cinemas - Briar Grove 3 At 6100 Westheimer Rd.

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Torchlight said:
The buildings are huge. Yes, some of the auditoriums are larger than others, but they've all got stadium seating and plenty of legroom.

I am torn on this issue. I grew up going to Theatres with 3-6 screens. I have some great memories of Briargrove 3 before it became and dollar theatre and after. When we moved to Briargrove Park we had all sorts of options. There was AMC Westchase 5, Plitt Woodlake Square 3, AMC Town & Country 6 and Also Lowes Town and Country 3. Any movie you wanted to see was at those theaters.

I can remember seeing Rocky III, Scarface (snuck in), and ET at Woodlake 3.

I can remember the narrowness of the T&C 6 Lobby. There was also a cool video game room. It probably had 6-10 video games.

I can remember in 7th grade meeting and kissing a girl at T&C 3 while viewing Revenge of the Nerds. It was my first pick up. My buddy got farther than me (2nd base if you will) and never let me live that one down. His girl was cuter as well.

I remember getting dropped off at all these theaters for an early movie and we would stay and watch 2 movies. It was a fun time.

When AMC Town and Country 12 was built across I-10 the movie experience started to shift towards bigger theaters with more choices.

Today, I enjoy the big theaters with the multiple choices, more legroom, stadium seating etc. But I would never change the memories I had of the old school 70's and 80's and theatres. I am sure some of the older people remember the theaters with one screen and thought the Town n Country 6 was a huge change.

We have Netflix so it is rare we even head to a theater anymore. Maybe 3-5 times a year. We might hit a movie tomorrow. AMC 30 / Dunvale here we come. Parking be damned.

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