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Red Bluff Drive-In Theater At Red Bluff Rd. And Simmons Blvd.


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I'm reviving a small project I started a couple years ago - it involves visiting the old sites of drive-in theaters (a smaller part of a larger building footprint-related project). There are some threads that list names and addresses here and there, but I was hoping to aggregate them here. For the ones that are still on vacant land it's kind of like the Addicks mystery markings where on the ground there sometimes isn't much to see, but I am also interested in visiting developed areas just for a now-and-then picture. I have also been using the historicaerials.com site to get older aerials which has been interesting. The ones I originally visited were: -Telephone Twin (Telephone Rd. near the south beltway) -Epsom Downs (near Jensen and Tidwell) -Town and Country (4716 Red Bluff, Pasadena) -Red Bluff (Pasadena) The next one to go to is the King Center at 610 and MLK. Can anyone recommend any others? And does anyone know the address of the Red Bluff Drive-in? I think I went there (?) but I'm getting things confused with the Town and Country...

The Red Bluff was at the corner of Hwy 225 and Red Bluff Rd in Pasadena, on the south side of 225. A very long time ago there was also the Eagle Drive In on Red Bluff Rd way out near Spencer Hwy. I think the Eagle became the Town and Country. A lot of the old Red Bluff is still in evidence, but I don't there's anything left of the Town and Country.

I have found some remarkable aerial photos of Houston's freeways that show the old Post Oak Drive-in and the old King Center Twin Drive-ins. The Post Oak was where Hidalgo now runs from Post Oak over to Bering. The King Center was on South Park Blvd (now MLK) at Holmes Road. Here's a link to the Loops Chapter in a remarkable E-Book on the development of Houston's freeways.


Scroll down through some truly remarkable photos. It's a big chapter with a lot of big pictures, so it'll take about a minute to download with a DSL. Be patient. It's worth the wait. BTW: you'll also see an incredible photo of that ammonia tank truck explosion on the west loop in May of 1976, taken only moments after it happened.

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