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West Point: Multifamily At 8600 Westheimer Rd.


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One thing that always interests me is why certain older complexes go condo.

I lived in the Westpoint Apartments, some old Harold Farb apartments on Westheimer just east of Fondren, when I first moved back to Houston after college, and lived there from the Summer of 1998 through the end of 1999. My parents gave me a lot of perspective on this complex's life cycle when they found out I was moving in there. Seems when they moved to Houston as a young newlywed couple in 1970, Westpoint was one the hip complexes to live in, even boasted its own nightclub - Barbery Coast. When I was living there, Barbery Coast had become the fitness center, and the occupants weren't young and hip, mostly strippers from Babydolls who would sun themselves out by the pool (thus turning me off permanently to strip joints once I saw what strippers look like in the light of day) and all sorts of burnouts, interesting characters, and recent immigrants.

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