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Trafton Academy At 10500 Cliffwood Dr.

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sohomod said:
I suppose as long as I'm asking all these questions if someone would be so kind as to tell me how much private school tuition is, just so I could factor it into the equations. This board has been not only invaluable but very encouraging. It's great to know there are such friendly, helpful and like-minded people in Houston. Thanks so much!

I forgot to mention that I teach at a private school in Sugar Land. Our school is less expensive than those in Houston. It's about $7500. From what I remember the ones in Houston are more like $10K per year and up. In the Westbury area there is Westbury Christian, Trafton Academy (nonparochial), Beren Academy (Jewish), and in Bellaire/Meyerland there is Episcopal (the most expensive) and St. Thomas Episcopal as well as a very large Jewish center and school.

Some of our students live in Houston if their parents work close by. Like me they go against the traffic by living in the city and driving out to the suburbs for work. My wife works at the Williams Tower, so it's so much better for us to live in and have me drive out here. I enjoy driving, but I hate traffic.


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