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Prince's Hamburgers Drive-In Restaurant No. 30 At 8101 South Main St.


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PS - I found a picture of the Dallas one......

Now I am salivating. But first, I was so regional within our fair city of old Houston, I didn't know there were ANY other Prince's beyond ours, which was at 8101 S. Main. I find it so amusing to learn that they didn't start in Houston and when they arrived were scattered all over the place. The food:

Every single Friday night for dinner, my mother and step-father took us out to Prince's. Their favorite was the open Trout Sandwich, which is only 65 cents of the menu above, wow. I loved that item as well, but sometimes had the scrumtuous hamburger. But, always I ordered the Root Beer. I am a died in the wool Coca Cola devotee, but those weighed a ton glass mugs, frozen and frosty with the special ice and great root beer was not to be passed up, especially on a stifling summer night.

I always found it strange that Stuart's was directly across the street, talk about competition. However, the only times we went there, we ventured inside for their excellent seafood gumbo.

One more thing about carhops. They were not as portrayed in movies, gum-smacking, wise cracking broads. Very polite, big smiles and extremely good at their jobs. The info about the contest says it all.

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