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Albert Gee's Poly-Asian Restaurant At 9530 South Main St.


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Other similar places in Houston:

Trader Vic's in the Shamrock Hilton - 6900 S. Main

Poly-Asian West - 5138 Westheimer

Club Luau (don't know where or when this was)

Club Luau

(where o where was this?)

This menu is supposedly from a Houston restaurant:



The Luau was the private club section of the Poly-Asian. Here's a listing from a 1961 Chron Dining Guide:

"Polyasian (sic) - This is one of the outstanding dining spots in the South, featuring Cantonese, Polynesian, and Japanese foods served in the atmosphere of the South Sea Islands. Located at 9530 S. Main, the Poly-Asian is operated by Albert Gee. Gay South Sea Islands costumes are worn by the waitresses and waiters. The restaurant is decorated in the theme of the islands. Dinners are from $2.75 up. The Las Vegas style Polynesian Chuck Wagon for the after-the-theater crowd serves a wide variety of Poly-Asian food from $1.95 up. In the Kabuki Tea House dining room, patrons are served at low tables while suited on cushions on the floor and watch the meal being prepared tableside. The Club Luau, a private membership club, operates in conjunction with the public dining facility. Hours are from 5pm to midnight and to 1am on Saturday."

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