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For Sale: Architecture domain names


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As part of the process of shutting down the Artefaqs Corporation, I have the following domain names for sale:

  • middleeastarchitecture.com
  • newyorkarchitecture.org
  • newyorkarchitecture.info
  • pnwarchitecture.com ("PNW" as in Pacific Northwest)
  • praguearchitecture.com
  • southlandarchitecture.com ("Southland" as in Southern California)
  • tokyoarchitecture.info
  • londonarchitecture.co.uk

If you're an architecture enthusiast, this might be a way to start your own web site.  PM me an offer.  And if you have friends in the architecture, construction, or real estate communities who might be interested, please let them know.  Also, if you frequent any other architecture enthusiast fora, please let your friends there know.  I'd post the information myself, but signing up for an account and immediately posting a for sale ad looks a lot like spam.

I may also part with:

  • houstonarchitecture.org
  • towrs.com

I'm not entirely sure about those two.  I'm thinking about maybe holding onto them for some future use.  But if you make a reasonable offer, I'll entertain it.

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