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Nolan Ryan Junior High School At 11500 Shadow Creek Pkwy.


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It does, changing it name to Almeda School as soon as you leave SCR & Pearland; Once you hit BW8, only option is to head East. If you want to go West, you can either U-turn at Kirby or right before you get to BW8 make a left at the stop sign at Riley rd and it will take you to 521 just south of the tollway.

That kills me there. I would totally take that route to work in the morning leaving SCR if I could get on BW8 going east quickly. But you can't. Not until after 288. There should be an on-ramp at Kirby but there isn't because of the toll plaza being "too close." The east bound entrance is just to the west of where Almeda School comes out. I'd pay the extra toll per day if I could get on BW8 right there. It would be worth it to me to avoid 2234 traffic in the morning, which is only going to get worse. And soon. The big Nolan Ryan middle school opens in the fall.

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