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KILE Radio - Gimme Dat Ding

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My listening to KILE Radio (1400 kHz AM) on the car radio during my 1976 visits to Galveston was noted in an earlier post referring to its signal coverage and programming format. I have a clear recollection of a particular song I heard on KILE one afternoon: GIMME DAT DING, performed by The Pipkins (1970). Why this particular song stands out so clearly in my memory of listening to KILE that afternoon is an open question. As an aside, The Pipkins were a short-lived British novelty duo. GIMME DAT DING reached #9 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1970.

The present call sign (of the former KILE) since 1991 is KHCB (Houston Christian Broadcasters). Licensed to League City TX, its offices and studios are in Houston TX and its transmitter is in League City TX. Power is 1KW directional (same constants day and night). Maximum radiation is approximately north and south; minimum radiation is approximately east and west (pattern shape resembles an upright peanut with a slight tilt).

The most powerful AM broadcasting station licensed to Houston TX is KTRH (The Rice Hotel), transmitting since 1942 on 740 kHz with a power of 50KW directional (different constants day and night). 50KW is the maximum power allowed for AM broadcast stations in the United States. Because 740 kHz is a Canadian clear channel frequency, Canadian Class A station CFZM in Toronto has primary rights to the frequency, requiring it to be protected from interference by KTRH and other stations with secondary rights to the frequency.

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