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The Parklane apartment tower was originally built as condos, but amid the 80's oil crash, they decided to go rental. "But as Houston’s demand for condo properties has increased, returning The Parklane to its original purpose seemed like a prime opportunity..."  Sales will begin mid-June.


https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/06/01/tema-development-parklane-apartments-condos.html?ana=e_me_prem&j=90511812&t=Morning B&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTmpSaU9EQmxaVEJpWm1VeCIsInQiOiI0djU5Mjd6aEdCT1R6V2RrODNxV1YwcDFkRHRYcGtvVG1qU0UwYm01bTd2XC9NOHM4Y2pBaDFRNVZ3WisrRFJDcnoyQkRJVkFYbGxFeGV0SDB4VkcxSTdUTkd0cUtwU255ZE5LUUMwREZHVCtLdkdGZUxZcFF5NnY2bTltVXhRYWoifQ%3D%3D



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They're offering very good deals.  My partner and I just bought one with unobstructed views of the Mosaic, 535 acre Hermann Park, the TMC skyline, Rice, the Village, and even Uptown skyline from THREE balconies in the unit.  Less that $400 psf, compared to the Westmore at $600.    Beautiful property in the Museum Center with the Red Line a few blocks away.  Downtown skyline available for us from the amenities platform.  Pumped!

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  • The title was changed to The Parklane: Condominiums At 1701 Hermann Dr.

Saw these workers parked here and thought they might be doing preliminary work on the Hermann Place II. Turns out they are subcontractors working for Tema Development doing the rental to condo conversion of The Parklane. Talked with their boss who said they were parking in the garage but would park in tenants spots so they now have to park here. He knew about the proposed development of Hermann Place II but he also said it's postponed for now.


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Tema Development's The Parklane apartment-to-condo conversion wraps up - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

"A 40-year-old apartment building in the Museum District is wrapping up an extensive renovation project that converted the building into condominiums.

Houston-based Tema Development Inc. began retrofitting The Parklane into condos in 2020, deciding the time was right to allow the building to serve the purpose it was originally designed for."












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