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Pho Binh At 2011 Waugh Dr.


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This thread was originally created June 16, 2017. I'm reposting / reupping this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum due to a mod removing my account and its content in "error"  (supposedly). The information may be outdated or no longer relevant, but reupping provides an archive to what was posted. It also provides a place to post future updates about this property if and when it's redeveloped  An archive link  of the thread before its deletion is coming soon.

The industrial warehouse at 2011 Waugh, on the corner of Waugh and W Drew, may be redeveloped in some way soon. The property was sold in January.

From Zillow:

Very unique space! Perfect for artists, designers, studio/retail or combination of living space, studio and gallery. Large and open with a rustic ''new mexico'' flair!! Formerly used as a floral shop and then as An artist studio and gallery for stained glass work. Currently being used by a real estate stager/designer. Work sink, cabinets in ''kitchen'' area. Room for other appliances. Owner open to all sorts of configurations and combinations. Come and see...The possibilities are endless.




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This was originally posted June 16, 2017 in the previous thread for 2011 Waugh. It's being reposted / reupped since the original thread and other content from me were removed. 

Pho Binh may open at 2011 Waugh.

From Houstonia:

Soul-stirring bowls of Pho Binh’s rice noodle soup could soon fill the bellies of Vietnamese food-loving Montrose residents. Considered to be among Houston’s premiere spots for pho, the family-owned mini-chain, with locations spanning the city, is rumored to have plans for a branch at 2011 Waugh Street in Montrose. Look for vermicelli bowls and rice plates to possibly arrive later this year.



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  • The title was changed to 2011 Waugh Dr.
  • The title was changed to Pho Binh At 2011 Waugh Dr.

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