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What Is Going On Behind Gleannloch Farms Off Boudreax?


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Does anyone know what is going on off Boudreax Road behind Gleannloch Farms? They have cut new roads, and cleared a tremendous amount of land right where the GP is suppossed to go through. I saw a map a few weeks ago that showed a neighborhood surface road going right down the path of the proposed GP, and it seems this is the direction that land is taking. When asking questions at the Info center all I get is "future development", no specifics given. I thought it was homes going in, but not according to sales people in the area, they are inthe dark like the rest of us. It has a Gleannloch properties sign on the area, but there is no information to be found. Anyone know?

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If you live in Gleannloch Farms, you may want to attend one of their MUD meetings and ask your consultants what's going on. They will know, you just have to ask them.

Just guessing from the location, it could be part of Cypress Lake Crossing, another sparkling subdivision being developed by Royce Builders; 1500 homes on 700 acres; entrance at Telge and Boudreaux.

Even though the land behind Gleannloch Farms is still owned by Bob Lanier, former mayor of Houston, (parts of Three Lakes and Westbourne), and he WAS (but no longer is) a huge proponent of the Grand Parkway project, I don't THINK that what you're seeing is Grand Parkway-related.

Art Storey of Harris County Infrastructure (which oversees the Harris County Toll Road Authority and was being courted by TxDOT to do all the heavy lifting for the project) put the brakes on the Grand Parkway project back in September.

His words were that TxDOT had gone from being "needy to greedy". Apparently TxDOT wanted to LET HCTRA do the surveying, building and maintaining of the Grand Parkway Tollroad, BUT wanted HCTRA to only keep enough revenues to maintain the road. Any excess was to have gone back to TxDOT for other state-wide projects, without input from HCTRA. This did not sit well with HCTRA, hence the total stoppage on the project until things get ironed out.

If your consultants are Jones & Carter, keep an eye on them. They recently held an impromptu "Public Meeting" at our local high school, Klein Oak. When we asked where the public notices for the TxDOT sponsored meeting were published (because they WEREN'T on TxDOT's website list of public meeting notices and they WEREN'T buried deep within the Houston Chronicle) they coyly replied that they HAD published the notices a month in advance for two days only in the Spring Observer, which is not EVEN distributed, mailed or even AVAILABLE in our area. They knew this, as they are also the consultants to Bridgestone and Northampton MUD, but they denied it. Then they wondered why at their "Public Meeting" there was NO PUBLIC! Ask your consultants (1) if they live in the neighborhood (chances are, they don't) and (2) if they had in the past or are now actively courting business for the Grand Parkway project (chances are, they are). Then take any advice they give you regarding your neighborhood with a BIG grain of salt...

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