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Hot Lanes

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Guest Plastic

The Katy Freeway is going to be made into a really wide freeay. It's gonna have something on the order of 6 lanes on each side and 2 HOT lanes.

HOT stands for High Occupancy Toll Lane. It works just like the HOV accept cars with 1 rider would have to pay a toll. It will be EZtag like the Westpark Tollaway. There will be entrances and exits at major highways only.

It's more or less for commuters.

Some of you seemed confused. People with 2 or more won't have to pay ,just lone riders.[

It soudns good to me it already works well in LA accept like their HOV system it doesn't have baracades.

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Please check your facts. You are completely wrong on much of your post.

There will will be 4 lanes each way on I-10 with short stretcthes of 5 in each way.

The hot lanes will be 2 in each way.

The feeders will be three in each way with occasional merge and turn lanes.

Let's see: Feeders 6, Mainlanes 8, HOT lanes 4

Thats a total of 18 lanes and 20 in some areas. The realization that this many lanes are being built is also why the cost per mile number people keep ranting about is not really that bad.

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The widest part of the SWF probably has about 10 mainlanes, 1 reversible HOV lane, and 6 feeder lanes.(I'm not too sure about this, but, the portion between the loop, and Chimneyrock may have 12-14 or something like that) That is about 18 lanes. In SugarLand, to BW8, there are 8 Mainlanes, 2 HOVs, and 6 feeder lanes.

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