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Lucian Hood Home In Bellaire

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Does this look like a Lucian Hood Home?  I worked for my Pop early, started by cross hatching brick and erasing,   Lucian Designed and Builder/Owner  a Mid Century Modern in Bellaire, Texas ...my early years in that home which the roof rolled back for a entire room sky view and the in floor spa in front of the Fire Place_ which also was a reflection pond ... good living,  music at that time was Martin Denny Quiet Village and Tiki was the happening ... later when he sold it a Japanese Family they and lived there at least 15 years ... it is not there any more, looked for it ... Russell Howard was nice enough to search the news papers ... I know Lucian had Open House when complete, so when I did this Bellaire, Texas Home I put on my Lucian Hood Hat ... attached a similar MC Mod  similar to Lucian's MC Mod  

Bellaire, TX.jpg

02 Roundie spotted.jpg

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Did this guy have any of his designed homes along the North or South side of North & South Brazewood?  Seems I remember many of his designs along there when I was growing up in that part of town in the 50s/60s. 

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