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Health Care For Katrina/rita Evacuees


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  • 2 weeks later...
I remember someone on this forum said that it's better to be uninsured than underinsured. That person was absolutely correct. Like I said, because my residence was uninsured, I received some money from FEMA. But since my parents had homeowner's insurance, they didn't receive a penny from FEMA. And they had to buy a generator, pay someone to cut up and haul away the downed trees in their yard. Rita took her toll on us over here in Orange County. And they had an $1800 deductable to pay on their insurance. Since I called FEMA and submitted my application from the place where we evacuated to, FEMA assisted me. But since my parents didn't apply until they returned back to their home, they didn't qualified. My neighbor experienced the same thing.

And how much did you get from FEMA ?

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