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Problems for Law Officers


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Some people with drones are causing problems for law officers. A week or two ago in Lufkin, a man coming down from a meth high started threatening his family and firing his gun out the window onto a golf course. When he barricaded himself in the house and threatened police responding to the shots, police closed off the area, and evacuated houses on both sides and even closed the golf course. Several police agencies responded to this with dozens of officers - Lufkin Police, Angelina County Sheriffs and the DPS. The standoff lasted several hours, but police really got concerned when they learned aerial video of the whole scene from a privately-owned drone was uploaded to the Lufkin Police Facebook page. The video revealed locations of the officers who were surrounding the house, and that really got them alarmed. They immediately deleted the video because if the man in the house had seen it he would have known exactly where to shoot. Fortunately, it ended peacefully when the man surrendered after several hours of negotiation and no one was hurt. The owner of the drone hasn't been identified or found, but police are still looking for him.

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A friend flew his drone near Minute Maid Park during the World series. His drone control system had the ball park and the surrounding area marked as a no fly zone. He said he got near the edge restricted area, and suddenly found control of his drone taken over. All he could do was watch while the drone want to the ground.


The story he tells is the us gov has been getting cooperation from drone makes in China, so law enforcement and always seize control when they need to


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