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Schepp's Grocer Company At 3350 Rogerdale Rd.


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Following another successful run at the Texas Room archives, I'm trying to document changes at some Houston manufacturing plants. From what I can tell, 1982 was when 3350 Rogerdale opened as the third and final location of Schepp's Grocer Co., a local Houston distribution center that in a few years went from a large force in the industry to an ownership change to liquidation (Schepps Dairy, a subsidiary in Dallas, was spared from liquidation and continued until a few years ago when Dean Foods retired it in favor of the Oak Tree Farms name). The liquidation happened in 1986 and the facility stood vacant until Randalls purchased it in mid-1988 for HBA and private label lines.

Randalls sold the warehouse in 1998 to an apartment developer but still occupied the facility. The newspaper noted that "Randalls will continue to occupy the warehouse for another year or so, until it is ready to move into a new facility on U.S. 290 in northwest Houston", which makes sense as 1999 was the year the Telge/290 warehouse completed a major expansion.

In 2000, the apartment developer sold the warehouse (only the excess space in the front became apartments) to Micarles LLC, another grocery distributor. From there, the trail runs cold. Micarles still owns the building but almost no information can be found on it on the Internet other than the fact that it owns the building. It also has leased out parts of the building, to companies like Active Water Solutions. Apparently, Micarles no longer uses the building at all, having divided it into five tenants: Blue Line (food distribution), NatureBest Pre-cut & Produce LLC, Stork, Deepflex, and AWS (aforementioned).

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Interesting. I used to live in those apartments (Western Ridge, at 3354 Rogerdale). When we first moved in we were excited to have a movie theatre right across the street. One week later, the Tinseltown closed. LOL!


I don't know anything about what was at 3350 Rogerdale before, other than I remember Randall's did have some kind of facility. I applied for a job there in the mid 1990s. I do wonder why that empty lot to the south of Western Ridge on Rogerdale at the corner of Westpark has never been developed. I have looked at old aerial photos and once in the 1950s there was a house there. Since then, nothing.  

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  • The title was changed to 3350 Rogerdale Rd.
  • The title was changed to Schepp's Grocer Company At 3350 Rogerdale Rd.

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