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I worked at Baxter & Korge Studio in the early to mid 60's. I have a framed copy of Norm Baxter's first ink line drawing of the Houston skyline featuring the Astrodome in the foreground. The copy is in excellent condition, and having been a native Houstonian I was very interested in the drawing when Norm did it and received a full scale copy of the original. Since living away from the Bayou City for the last 50 years I am curious if anyone would be interested in purchasing this drawing? I also have a copy of a line drawing that Norm did for fun after taking pictures from the old highway draw bridge between Seabrook and Kemah. I cruised thru the Clear Creek channel many times before NASA influenced such a tremdous growth to the area and the old scene of shrimp boats and bait shops changed forever.  If interested contact



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