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Are The Hurricanes Following The New Orleans Evacuees?


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Interesting thought...

okay...First Katrina comes

Then the evacuees come to Houston

Katrina's little sister "Rita" comes. She is like a lion to the kill... "Mmmmmmm..Prey" and follows big sis to the Gulf. Then the hurricane goes to out to open seas and stalls a bit..which way will they go.

Houston, "let's send them to Arkansas!"

Rita is saying, "hahaha I am following..."

or ...."No fair I didn't get to gamble like Katrina did!"

So she goes to Beaumont/Lake Charles after figuring I'll skim houston...and the border of Texas/Louisana

So Rita is going up the states border line...maybe she has a thing for Cajun/Creoles or the south

and look where Rita is going...



Katrina evacuees in Texas now flee Rita


Associated Press Writer

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HOUSTON (AP) -- They waded through the chest-high floodwaters in the streets of New Orleans. They were plucked from their rooftops in the rescue baskets of helicopters. They survived the hell of the Louisiana Superdome and a 350-mile bus ride to Texas.

Now, just a few weeks after getting settled at emergency shelters in Houston, Hurricane Katrina evacuees are on the move again to escape another storm.

"This reminds me of the Israelites marching in the desert," Norman Bethancourt, 51, said as he waited for a bus to take him from Reliant Arena to Ellington Field, where he and the other refugees were set to board planes bound for a military base in Arkansas.

About 1,100 evacuees - down from a high of nearly 10,000 - living in Houston's two largest shelters, Reliant Arena and the George R. Brown Convention Center, began making their way to Fort Chaffee, Ark., as Hurricane Rita strengthened into a hurricane and lashed the Florida Keys with heavy rain and strong wind.


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