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DFW to get Uber flying cans in 2020

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  • 5 years later...

From late 2021...


"Uber was one of the largest proponents of urban air mobility, promising a rollout of air vehicles in initial markets of Los Angeles and Dallas-Ft. Worth by 2023. The company launched the Uber Elevate network to partner with others to build out UAM infrastructure and vehicles. In this tantalizing near-future, robotic EVTOLs would lift off, flying paying passengers up to 100 miles on an electronic grid above crowded highway. When it landed, it would be met by Uber ground vehicles and passengers would go their separate ways.

At the 2020 CES show, Hyundai partnered with Uber in showing a full-sized mock-up of a EVTOL craft. The Hyundai S-A1 electric Urban Air Mobility ‘concept’, co-branded with Uber Elevate, sat just out of reach of the gawking crowd,.

Hyundai has since spun out its flying car company, calling the new group Supernal. It expects the first EVTOL flying taxi to go into service in 2028."


"The parent company of Elevate survived the pandemic, but Uber remains under its IPO price of $45. Perhaps consumed with questions of profitability and survival during COVID, Uber transferred its Elevate group to Joby Aviation last December. As part of the deal Uber invested an a total of $125 million in Joby.

Joby, founded in 2009, says it plans to launch an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi as early as 2023. The company, which raised more than $835 million and employs about 1000 people, went public via SPAC this year.

Joby may need all that cash and more. Industry experts believe it can take a billion dollar to build an EVTOL vehicle and get it through the FAA certification process. Joby stock (JOBY:NYSE) reached $13.40 on its launch date of August 11. On December 29 it closed at 6.98."

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