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Empty Nester Homes


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My parents are thinking about wanting to move to a different house now that the kids are all gone. Suburbs were fine and perfect for when we were growing up, but now they would like to be closer to the better restaurants and city for doing things. Problem is, they like new houses or at least recently renovated houses. We did a quick tour of Westchase this past weekend and didn't see anything even close.

Quick criteria for them is a modern one story preferred to avoid stairs (thus ruling out all the new townhomes), not a condo (want the backyard room to enjoy and grill), about 2500 sq ft minimum. Not too partial on exactly what part of town, but closer in the better. Somewhere no more than 350K. I think they are out of luck unless they buy a house and renovate themselves. Thing is, they just haven't built houses like that in years. I thought the Afton Oaks area would be good, but that's beyond what they would pay.


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