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Religion Vs Spiritualism?


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From A Christian's point of view:


Spiritualism involves communicating with the dead, mediums and spirit guides. I do not believe that they have much of a moral guideline. Spiritualism is practiced through various denominations here in the US. It is a religion and they do have their rituals. They believe in the god of "infinite intelligence" and not the God of the Holy Bible.


God strictly forbid the Israelites from contacting the dead and other evil spirits. Mediums and contact with such spirits were not allowed and offended God.


Perhaps you are referring to spirituality? Some Christians are spiritual people, but are not involved in the physical Church.


True Christianity is having a right relationship with God by accepting His Son as your Lord and Savior. Christianity does have it's rituals (e.g, baptism and communion) And it does have it's rules to follow (e.g., love God and love your neighbors). We do not want to be the evil dead in the afterlife. We want Jesus to salvage (restore) our souls with His powers when we die. So that we can be good spirits with God, Jesus, the angels, saints, family and friends in heaven.



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On 10/24/2016 at 5:41 AM, firefighter said:

From A Christian's point of view:


Spiritualism involves communicating with the dead, mediums and spirit guides.




I consider myself spiritual and i don't do any of those things. I never have.


That person we call Jesus.......I consider him to have been a spiritual person because what he believed did not necessitate being in a building and going through the rituals that Christians (especially Catholics) go though. He did not believe that doing the right things required structure, organization and people telling you to do it or you're going to hell. No.......he believed that you should do all the right things for the sake of it.


Jesus was alright in my book.

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