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Lawndale vs. Broadmoor


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I'm looking at a handful of rental investments in these two areas. I live in Eastwood proper but I'm not that familiar with the subtle differences between the two and if there is one area that has an obvious upside compared to the other. Just by driving around I feel like Broadmoor has more potential but it also seems that Lawndale has far fewer trashed out houses than Broadmoor. Anybody willing to chime in with their opinion on this? I'd appreciate greatly!

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This is the same thing that I looked at and debated 15 years ago!  It turned out to be not much different then and I think it is the same now.   Each time the area has a "resurgence" it gets stalled by another area. Freedman' Town, 1st ward, Washington corridor, and now 3rd ward will stall it.   If you're looking long term it won't matter in my opinion... If one takes off the others will be dragged up with it. 

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