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North Lindale


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Would like thoughts on the "North Lindale" neighborhood just outside 610 between Irvington and Fulton. Seems like a great option if you can't afford the Heights, but I don't see much posted about it. There's often mention of Lindale Park but not specifically "North Lindale" which begins once you go north under 610. The houses are sooo much cheaper! Some little bungalows with great potential mixed among a few churches, commercial properties and neglected tear downs/sketchy patches of course; but why is no one talking about this area? They even have new street sign toppers! The zip code, 77022 is the same as much hyped Independence Heights, but North Lindale is east of I-45. Other than it being somewhat of a food desert... I feel like it's a little secret gem of a neighborhood!? Any reason why I shouldn't recommend as an option to friend moving to town? All I can find about it is this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/North-Lindale-Neighborhood-Org-243086399076934/?fref=ts

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I have lived in North Lindale over 17 years now.  I bought my home because i wanted a Heights style home without the Heights price.  My home was built in 1924.  All wood floors and big lot.  I would recommend the neighborhood to live in.  When i bought my home prices were very reasonable. Today prices are climbing but still affordable.  The only problem I find is that most of the homes here never go up for sale.  I have had the same neighbors for 17 years. Once you move in you do not leave.  The neighborhood is near everything but far enough to be affordable.

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