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Between houston and baltimore


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Hi everyone! I used to live in Baltimore with my family, but I moved to Houston just a couple months ago without my wife and kids. Since June I've been traveling there to visit my family but it's getting more convective each time because of my work. 


Do you suggest they should move out here? I was thinking about it but for the next year... I really like our house in baltimore but I need to make a decision soon.


Any recommendation or comment is more than welcome. Thanks! 

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If you relocate, You will have (generally speaking):

1) lower housing prices

2) higher property taxes

3) no state income tax (are you a Texas resident now?)

4) no snow

5) no spring or fall.  Just perpetual summer split by some cold days in the winter.

6) significant transaction costs selling one house, moving, and buying another.  And. If your spouse works, she will need to find new work.



all that said, relocation needs to be a family decision.  If your spouse does not wish to leave family and friends, relocation, even in the best of circumstances will be hard.

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