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Shipley's Bread


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On 8/14/2016 at 0:41 AM, SpaceGhost said:

Did Shipley's ever bake "normal bread"? I found a sign at Six Flags in San Antonio with the name "Shipley's Holsum Bread" on it. I took a picture but I'm having a hard time finding it. It was very similar to this patch. So my question is, was the Shipley's on the sign, related to the modern day Do-nut chain at all?


This is a complicated question, but the short answer is no. Shipley's Donuts is a franchise operator and is not connected in any way to the company that made Shipley Holsum Bread.  

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I know that prior to sometime in the mid-1980s, Shipley did have a wider menu (centered on hamburgers/patty melts), but I don't think they made bread. It might be someone related to the family, though, however, it could be just one of those weird unrelated coincidences...like how Frankie Yankovic and "Weird" Al Yankovic are not related, despite both being able to play polka on the accordion.

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