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Spring-Cypress Commerce Park (Just East Gleannloch Farms)


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Anybody with information regarding the new mixed use development east of Gleannloch Farms (between Champion Forest & Stuebner Airline on northside of Spring-Cypress).  I believe this land is part of what was once proposed as a landfill site in the late-90s, adjacent to Valka Rd & across from FINS.


Google search has only turned up title references & recent ownership changes.


In driving past, the sign reference Betz Development, but nothing on their site.  Nothing on Commgate either.  Unfortunately, the sign on site is too small to be readable if driving.  Yet, there appears to be plating that references mixed use.


Hopefully there is some insights on here ... especially if relates to improved retail & restaurants.  For example, we really don't need a FOURTH car wash between 249 & Steubner on Spring-Cypress.   ;)



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Gosh, I wish you had gotten some answers to this question! I just drove by, and got really curious. Like you said, I couldn't read the sign but it looked like the squares were labeled different things. I wish there would be a Target!! Doubt it tho, because it would have been on the WindRose news page on fb by now. :-)

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  • The title was changed to Spring-Cypress Commerce Park (Just East Gleannloch Farms)

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