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Tomball, TX


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Hello all. I'm fairly new to the forum but really enjoy spending time on here. I've always been interested in learning about life in the 'good 'ole days' (as I'm only 24 years old) and have always had a passion for finding/learning about abandoned places.


Anyway, I decided to stroll through Tomball this weekend to do some antique shopping and general browsing. While walking between shops, I stumbled upon this. Does anyone have an idea what used to be here and when?


The figure on the pole appears to be some sort of old pizza restaurant sign if I had to guess. Maybe '70s/'80s? But the most interesting part of the area (in my opinion) was the safe-looking structure behind it. It's a door surrounded by brick and concrete that has clearly been picked at/worn down over time. Behind it (didn't take a picture unfortunately) was a set of stairs that was attached to the structure. I didn't go up the stairs, altough I guess I should have. There was no doorknob/handle on the door, but instead had what appeared to be a spot for a lock (similar to a standard locker). The floor in front of the door appeared to be extremely dated as well. All of this is located on a flat concrete slab in between shops that line a main road through the area.


Does anyone know what the character on the pole was for? And more importantly, can anyone tell me what the safe-like structure might be? It's just interesting that it has made it this long and is sitting in its current state without having been torn down. There were no historical markers near the area.


Anyway, here are some pictures:






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It was originally a hotel way back when (30's maybe) and this concrete building is what is left of the hotel's vault.

Then it became a furniture store after the hotel closed. The figure was a pickle originally for Canino's Italian fast

food place that did fried pickles back in the 50's or 60's so the pickle was for that then it evolved to this figure

today but is still called Mr. Pickle by the locals. After Canino's closed it became a used car lot but the figure

remained and has been kept up for some reason maybe because it is an icon of the past that is special to the

locals but that is just speculation. All is gone now except the figure and the vault of the hotel. Standing as a

reminder of days gone by and memories made on this site in Tomball, Texas.

Most of the above information I received from the Tomball Chamber of Commerce.

My uncle was a past mayor of Tomball and his wife's family had a hotel on Main Street in Tomball but I don't 

know if this was the hotel. He was mayor in the 60's and is now deceased... sure makes me curious as there

is none left in his family to ask... shame too... but anyway here you have it.

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