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Holzwarth Corridor


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It's not even continuous yet as parts are still under construction, it may be some years before it bridges Spring Creek, but one can't help but see Holzwarth Road as a future great street in it's infancy.


The entire length of future Holzwarth/Sawmill is less than a mile west of I-45. It intersects many major roadways including the North Freeway, Cypresswood, Louetta, Spring Cypress, FM 2920, Spring Stuebner, the under construction Grand Parkway, under construction Springwoods Village Parkway, Sawdust, and Grogan's Mill. There are major area draws within the immediate vicinity including Top Golf, Splashtown, Old Town Spring, future CityPlace (Springwoods' town center), ExxonMobil, and The Woodlands Town Center.


The Woodlands Town Center is a major success. Springwoods Village will no doubt follow suit with ExxonMobil as it's anchor. At some point land development pressure will surely fill these two centers and seek nearby options for growth. The surrounding areas vast expanses of single family homes leaves Holzwarth as the best remaining option for the area. More single family homes in Klein, Spring, Oak Ridge, and The Woodlands will only lead to more demand for dense retail and office space in close proximity.


Holzwarth in the future will be the new Post Oak Boulevard. There are many geographic and socioeconomic similarities between the two. Just as Post Oak is the spine of Uptown, Holzwarth will be the spine of this emerging development corridor.



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interesting idea, but let me throw it a curve: between exxon and grogan's mill where it ends, most of the land consists of protected forest/flood plain (spring creek project) and deed restricted residential (grogan's mill village).  the holzwarth road extension heading north from springwoods village crosses spring creek, then sawdust and hits grogan's mill road where it becomes crystal lake lane.

the potential for density on holzwarth will be between the spring creek greenway project at the north border of springwoods village and its southern end where holzwarth hits I-45 across from spring high school.


my thinking is this: the spring creek greenway project between the eastern edge of tomball/magnolia all the way to southwest kingwood will have great potential for density surrounding it's natural borders especially in high traffic areas like the areas between the woodlands and springwoods village.  office and dense residential areas love to back up to natural greenspace that will never be developed.  the wide swath of forest between exxon and the woodlands town center is a great view from several stories up in the woodlands town center.  you can begin to see where an outline of development might eventually begin to define the north and south borders of the spring creek greenway project.  if you pull up a map of the spring creek greenway project and then look at google maps or even just the exxon development, you will begin to see what i'm picturing.


you're right to project large amounts of development on holzwarth once connected to grogan's mill (even before); however, the density and type of development will be restricted in the woodlands and springwoods village; it will not be restricted south of springwoods village to i-45. that said, both the woodlands and springwoods village have the resources to best capitalize on proximity to the spring creek greenway project; therefore, the best potential for taller structures along holzwarth or at the greenway project's border will be with those development entities.

holzwarth AT spring creek greenway project: i'm curious to see whether it remains simply a connector thoroughfare or an opportunity to capitalize on location and natural amenity. 







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