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More Vanishing Roads In North Houston Area

Marty Blaise

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I have been finding some interesting things on historicaerials.com and google earth. For example, if you zoom to the area roughly bounded by Breen Road on the north, Fairbanks-North Houston on the west, West Little York on the south and North Houston-Rosslyn to the east, take a look at the subdivisions that exist today. It appears that many of these subdivision streets were built around 1980-81, maybe a few years earlier. But go to this same part of Harris County on the 1973 map and you'll see faint outlines of a different pattern of roads, VERY different from the subdivision. Go back to 1966 and earlier and the roads seem to be much brighter indicating a more heavily used road (or else the 73 aerials photography was not that good?). One road in particular is even more intriguing, if you go back to the 1953 aerial you can see a bridge over White Oak Bayou. By 1957 it's hard tell if there's a bridge. By 1962 the bridge is not even there. Anyone know if there are any road maps that might provide a clue to these streets. The oldest Houston city map I have is 1955, but this area was well outside the city limits then and not on the map. == I've also found some more clues regarding the James Bays Subdivision and Rosslyn plots if anyone is interested. - Marty Blaise

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Well, there are a lot less houses than there used to be the 1970s for sure (Woodland West Drive, most of those houses were probably cleared due to flooding concerns) though the 1950s does show a somewhat different grid of roads. These however, I believe were unpaved ranch roads (no houses, probably oil wells). Any bridges across the bayou were wiped out when the bayous were rerouted and clear cut at an unknown date between the '40s and the '70s.

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 .Some maps can be updated overtime and sometimes do not show changes . Some streets overtime may have been extended , covered overgrowth of trees and bushes, dumped on with trash piles here and there to the point where they are unrecognizable ,completely abandoned or completely demolished which is a probable reason why they may not show on a map . 

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