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Former Fast Food Locations in Texas


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Also 707 N. Alexander in Baytown.  It's currently a General Wok


Meant to provide this list of former Houston-area Taco Bueno locations from the December 1986-87 Greater Houston business pages.



1460 Blalock

8980 Clearwood 

3804 S. Gessner 

8767 S. Gessner

19910 Park Row


La Porte

117 SH 146 S.



5425 Red Bluff 

302 Southmore

3122 Spencer Hwy

1212 Starkey


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Not sure if this is still being updated, but here's some new additions for Austin.


McDonalds - West Campus


Location at 414 W Martin Luther King Blvd closed in July to make way for a high-rise hotel.


Taco Cabana - West Campus


This one at 517 W Martin Luther King Blvd shuttered due to being a poor performing location.

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On August 5, 2014 at 6:28 PM, Purpledevil said:

I don't remember a Red Lobster down Dyna, mkultra, but I do remember this little diddy that I used to love, called the Moon Palace. How I miss the Palace...

Could Red Lobster have been in the stand alone building next door to Los Cabos/Moon Palace? I've been trying to put my finger on what that game room used to be for quite some time now. It was obviously a restaurant, but what? It's been driving me crazy. Wouldn't that be something if we ended up answering each other's question? The building certainly doesn't look like an old Red Lobster, but I guess it's possible.


Looks like a JoJo's

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On 7/31/2014 at 9:50 PM, sevfiv said:

Here are the Jack in the Box listings (of 47 listed, 23 are still Jack in the Box)


4819 Almeda Rd. (remodeled but has the old school top kind of like this)

11602 Bellaire Blvd. (demo)

6901 Bellfort St. (vacant - old school top - talked about here on HAIF before)

5320 W Bellfort St. (AutoZone, but I took this picture a while back behind it - might be the old drive through window)

5131 Browncroft (?)

94 E Crosstimbers St. (demo)

10598 Fuqua St. (Domino Pizza mentioned above)

2727 Hillcroft St. (demo)

9602 Houston Dyersdale E Rd. (?)

1120 Jefferson St. (was in building?)

12310 Kingsride St. (?)

6103 Kirby Dr. (currently River Oaks Plant House)

4330 Lockwood Dr. (AutoZone)

8303 Long Point Rd. (old style - currently taqueria)

14504 Memorial Dr. (rebuilt - Burger King)

3402 OST (rebuilt - gas station)

7545 Park Place Blvd. (rebuilt - Texaco with Jack in the Box combined)

5602 Savoy Dr. (?)

9324 Stella Link Rd. (parking lot)

18003 El Camino Real (currently Daddio's)

3333 Red Bluff Rd. (currently car title loan place)

2213 Strawberry Rd. (old style - currently Burger and Shrimp Galley)

218 Spencer Highway (demo)

The Jack in the Box at 6901 Bellfort was our teenage hangout on Friday & Saturday nights. We went there between 1972-1975. Innocent kid stuff. Drive thru backwards, place goofy orders, things like that. I ran with 2 friends & we were definitely The 3 Musketeers. We girls were so shallow. We went to Houston from Pearland. The boys in Pearland were not allowed long hair, so our boyfriends went to Jones, Milby & Austin. Hair was not a problem. Ha. 15 yrs old. First car. Summer of 72


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On 1/3/2015 at 12:29 PM, ChannelTwoNews said:

I didn't think that Jojos was a local chain, but the only local one that sticks out to me was the one on the Seawall in Galveston. I think it's the Denny's there now. The only one I'd ever eaten at was in Irving on the Airport Freeway back in the late 90s, though I'm doubtful the strip center it was in is even there anymore.

The Galveston Denny's is no more.



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