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Moving To The Klein ISD area


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Hello all! We're (family with 2 children elementary and high school ages)  moving to the Spring area. I've heard mostly good things about the school district. I have one concern though: I like the Greenwood Forest area, nice mature trees, and beautiful homes. My concern is the Klein Forest High school my children may be zoned to if we buy in that area. I've also heard that some children are transferred to other schools in the district. I've also heard that Greenwood Forest may be rezoned to Klein High or another school in the district. Is this true? Can my children be transferred within the district if I don't want them in KF?...Need help as we're starting the house hunt pretty quickly...Thanks for any input!

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Only if it is a mandatory requirement from the district and if the schools are within the boundaries of your neighborhood. In some districts , the schools have boundaries or borders that you have to be residing in order for your children to attend those schools , If you chose to change districts , according to some districts ,they may have you pay a district transfer fees because there is a district tax for the schools . It depends on where you relocate . If you're able , ask around who has children attending in that district before making a decision . Another suggestion is the district website for any info on rezoning in that area . 

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