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Wilmer–Hutchins Independent School District

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  • 2 weeks later...

I did not know that Dallas ISD will reroute all W-M students to DISD's own schools, but apparently that is now happening.

DISD back to school info: http://www.dallasisd.org/whisd/

DISD rezoning: http://www.dallasisd.org/whisd/maps/DISDWHISD.pdf

Here are feeder patterns for the Wilmer-Hutchins area:

* Bushman, Darrell, Ervin, Starks, and Young Elementary Schools -> Sarah Zumwalt Middle School -> A. Maceo Smith High School

* Alexander, U. Lee, and Weiss Elementary Schools -> Hulcy Middle School -> Carter High School

* Bryant, Johnston, Harrlee, Miller, and Mills Elementary Schools -> Holmes Middle School -> Roosevelt High School

* Lisbon Elementary School -> Zumwalt Middle School -> South Oak Cliff High School

* Budd Elementary School -> Storey Middle School -> South Oak Cliff High School

* Marshall Elementary School -> Oliver Elementary School -> Storey Middle School -> South Oak Cliff High School

The Wilmer-Hutchins High senior class will all be together in South Oak Cliff High.

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Yes, a lady named Faye Gafford is leading an effort to restore WHISD.

WHISD is a school district known for cheating and corruption before it ran out of money and could no longer operate. DISD took over the territory held by the district, closed all of the poorly-maintained WHISD schools, and sent kids in the WHISD boundary to DISD campuses.

Now, I do believe that DISD should open schools in the WHISD area. Yes, DISD has separate schools for Seagoville, so DISD can add schools to the Wilmer-Hutchins area.

By the way, the speech contents are seen here:


"“There have been predominantly White schools in this area whose students have done far worse on test scores that our children have,” she said. “They are allowed to continue with their neighborhood school. “Why is that?” Anyone can sign the petition as long as you are a Texas resident. You do not have to be a registered voter, Gafford noted,and she is hoping people from Houston, Waco, San Antonio, Austin, Beaumont, Port Arthur, El Paso, Abilene and other communities join the effort to preserve these and other schools in the future who may face hostile takeover, attack and closure like Wilmer-Hutchins did."

I think that she is lying (she never names the schools that supposedly performed worse than WHISD) and that this will never happen (Hello - the USDOJ approved what the state did!).

Josh Benton, who often covered WHISD, said here: http://metro.beloblog.com/archives/2007/02/26/

"Having covered my share of WHISD school board meetings, I can report that Faye was always an impassioned defender of the district — not of the goings on there, but of its right to exist. She rightfully points out that the Hutch's kids are now being bused to Dallas schools, on trips of 20 miles or more in extreme cases.

The petition has no legal standing, as I understand it — it's not a situation where 18,000 signatures means the district magically pops back to life. But if you're interested in helping out, you can reach Faye at 972-225-3713."

By the way, the DallasBlackBlog states that it has Gafford's telephone number (So you can call her and talk to her): http://dallasblackblog.wordpress.com/page/2/

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