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Ultraviolet lighting in ac


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I think they (AC contractors) picked this up from hospital HVAC practice. Unfortunately its become one of their "upsell" gee-gaws that they get at the supply house for $79 and charge you $500 to install (in one hour, by taking 120v from the furnace without a switch). 


AC companies don't seem to make enough from ordinary service and need to pitch these things, like overflow switches, attic stair tents, compressor hard-start kits, Honeywell filters, and the like. Much like cars and trucks. I bet they could sell a basic pickup truck for $12000 if they only put 1994 features in, like manual window cranks and an AM radio. But there isn't any money in it. 


Bottom line: if you can get it relatively cheap, it might kill some bugs along the way. 




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