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Proposal Interstate I-12


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Interstate 12 or 14 :(

Austin and Houston are the only two major large metro cities that has no interstate that connects through (come on now especially Austin and Houston cities in the same state only 200 miles apart and state population rank of 2.)

On aaroads they might of said of proposal of I-12 but better often to have a future I-14 because I-12 already exists in Lousiana.

Like these interstates only in one state like

I-12 in Louisiana

Future I-14 Texas

I-16 in Georgia

and maybe I-18 in Alabama from Montgomery to Columbus City, GA.

Will there ever be a proposal future corridor Interstate connecting these cities.

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I think the concept would good. It would probably just upgrade US 290 and call it an interstate. Actually, it'll probably never receive interstate status since that has occur on the federal level and know federally mandated corridor exists for these cities.

For example. US 59 falls within a federally mandated corridor for I-69. US 71 falls in the corridor for I-49 in louisiana.

I think TxDOT will look towards making US 290 a toll from the Harris County line to Austin. Also, SH 71 also serves Houston to Austin eventhough it is from Columbus.

I don't see it happening soon, but if it does it will definitely be a tolled facility.

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