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Images of Airplanes Using Google Satelite

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I was viewing the neighborhoods around Mykawa and 610 and noticed an image of a Southwest Ailines jet. It disappers as you zoom in, but clearly visible from higher up. It is around the 5900 block of Osborne. There was a smaller corporate jet image at Griggs and Calhoun for awhile but it is now gone (landed I guess, Ha!) Does anyone know how often Google updates it's images, and why would the plane not show up at lower elevations?

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My guess would be that some are satellite images from years ago. And the closer shots are updated periodically. If you look at Houston Intercontinental airport (KIAH) on google maps fully zoomed in you can see the current layout. However, if zoomed out far enough it depicts the airport before 2 of the newer runways and terminal E were there.

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