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Beltway 8 Tollway

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Beltway Loop 8 :)

This is the second outer freeway loop in Houston Texas

The loop contains of transportation of..

10% is a freeway

30% is more of a dividual highway

60% is a tollway

Over 80% of crossing freeways have a five star stack one of the

busiest city non interstate tollways in the US.


But are there any plans of making this beltway be a full tollway all around the city.

Or will there be any chances of having a tollway interstate beltway in Houston of having a second 3 digit Interstate of a corridor future I-445 as being resigned of Texas 8.

Of I-45 crossing through Texas in 2 large metro cities over 5 million people in it with no 3 digit interstate in neither of these cities of DALLAS or HOUSTON.

But a good way of having a I-445 resigned for the BELTWAY TOLL 8.

Beltway Page


Map of Houston of this tollway


Photo of Future I-445




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Only a small portion of the Beltway 8 road way is actually an expressway. From Ella to US 59 and from US 90 to the Ship Channel bridge.

Everywhere else the Beltway 8 is just the feeder roads. The expressway portions that are tolled are not part of Beltway 8 but part of the HCTRA Sam Houston Tollway system.

As long as HCTRA controls these portions, TxDOT will not intervene (doesn't cost them anything). Naming and creating Interstate numbers is not an easy thing to do. The Federal Highway Adminstration (FHA) portion of the USDOT has a committee that controls the issueing of Intersate highway numbers. They even control the future corridor numbering like I-69 in east Texas and I-49 in portions of Louisiana and Arkansas.

Any new expressway facility in Texas will be most probably tolled and hold a state highway number are as the current TTC section is being called TTC-35 (I think it's temporary, but who knows).

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