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History Of The House At 1324 Hyde Park Blvd.


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My husband and I passed by this large house with green awnings on Hyde Park Blvd, between Waugh and Upas (directly in front of that old fountain) all the time, and we wondered what it was. We thought it might have been a restaurant or a bed-and-breakfast inn -- it has that kind of look. After some googling, it looks like it is (or was) a funeral home. We tried to find more history on it, but can't find anymore other than that it was built in 1945, probably originally as a large single family home. Also, there was a mention of an earlier location Half-Price Books in that area, though it wasn't clear if it was in that house. Does anyone have more info about this intriguing house?

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Definitely a grand place in its day. They've removed the asbestos siding so probably its going to be torn down. Was a funeral home for decades. I don't know that anyone would want to rehab it at this point.

HPB was on the NW corner of HP and Waugh, where a new office building is being finished. It was in a one story brick church building.

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