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Thirsty Jacks Bar At 97 Dennis St.

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Former Bar 97 Dennis St. (Boston St.) - Midtown History

Around the corner from Lankford's Grocery is a pretty plain building with a Chicago Neighborhood bar look to it - even has some strange signage - 97?

Well its not a bar now, curious if anyone has been around long enough to know what this was?


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yes! did some digging; it was at least into the mid-eighties a bar called the KooKoo's nest, apparently. Here's an article referring to it, in the context of a gun murder happening at that bar:


oh my... here's another article about a different murder happening there around the same period. I guess the neighborhood has calmed down some since... http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/1986_248932/parolee-gets-60-years-in-abduction.html

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Stephen you sir are a gentleman and a scholar! We walk around that part of the neighborhood sometimes and that place always looked like the neighborhood bars in Chicago - Thanks! Wonder what it is now? Apartments? How do liqour licenses work in Houston - do they stay with building or go with owner?

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It was a beer joint in the late 70's called Thirsty Jacks. What I recall, the current structure was typical for the neighborhood as the area was generally run down. That was the case for a lot of innercity Houston since most people, at that time, wanted to live in the suburbs. This area was largely hispanic and high crime. It had 2 pool tables and a jukebox with spanish music. The apartments fronting Boston St. have always been attached are are part of the structure.

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  • The title was changed to Former Bar 97 Dennis St. (Boston St.) - Midtown History
  • The title was changed to Thirsty Jacks Bar At 97 Dennis St.

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