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Fort Bend Transit Buses


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Just wanted to ask people around Fort Bend County if you have ever rode on the Fort Bend Transit buses and what was your experience. Seems to me they are becoming more and more popular. There are already plans to put permanent park and ride facilities in Missouri City and Rosenberg. I think it's cool to have public transportation in Fort Bend. It's the second largest pop county in the area. The 2010 census for the county was at 585,375 and it's growing more every year, which is basically the size of Portland, Ore. We have to have alternative ways of getting around the area. The traffic, especially in Sugar Land is getting ridiculous

What's your take on it. ?

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Been riding the one from the First Colony Mall/UH to Galleria for about 3-4 years now. Not too bad. Starts picking up sometime around 6 am and the last run at night is at 7pm. At the beginning of this year, they changed companies providing the service and the quality of the buses improved, plus the service did too. The other company couldn't keep drivers so sometimes a route would just not show up if they didn't have a driver. Been a lot better with the new company.

The park-n-ride in Rosenberg (at the Fairgrounds) is open. Very nice facility. But so far the only route using it is the one to the Medical Center. Last week I called the Ft. Bend Co. Transit Director and talked to him for a while. Nice dude. He said he wants to extend the Galleria/Yorktown and Greenway Plaza Routes eventually to the Fairgrounds, but has to be able to time it for connections and justify the ridership, etc. I told him I would definately use it as I live maybe a mile past the Fairgrounds would love to cut another 15 miles each way off my commute. He said there is a lot of interest - he just has to build a strong enough case to present to the board.

I have tried to use catch the Medical Center buses at the Fairgrounds and then transfer at the UH campus to the Galleria buses - but the connection times are terrible - waiting 30 minutes are more when it takes 15 minutes to drive - not worth it.

If your employer participates in the program (go to Trekexpress.com) you can get 10% off a book of tickets. I think a couple of grocery stores also get you the discount.

Anything else?

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