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The Shack In Fairfield


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Anyone know if/when this restaurant will reopen? According to their website, they supposedly closed to install a commercial well and were only gonna be closed for a couple of weeks. That was back in January. Here we are in April and they still haven't reopened. Their Facebook page hasn't had any updates in awhile either.

I know that the owner of The Shack is involved with Rooster's that will be opening in Fairfield, according to a recent article in a local paper. But am just curious if we'll ever see The Shack reopen?

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This was posted on April 23rd to The Shack's FB page...

The Shack YES i will reopened. Prior life the property was residential now the task of retro -fitting the property to commercial is daunting. I have to please county city and of course state....@#$$$# they are at snail speed at best. The shack is my drug and it will get done. Thanks you all for your support and patience. I miss you all keep the faith joe

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